Sexual Assault

  • Sexual assault comes in countless forms?all of which occur without explicit consent of the victim. Sex without affirmative and ongoing consent is rape.
  • A victim of sexual assault can have any?or no?relationship with the perpetrator.
  • Like domestic violence, sexual assault is a crime of power and control.
  • Common forms of sexual assault include:
    • Penetrations of the victim?s body (rape)
    • Attempted rape
    • Forcing a victim to perform sex acts (such as oral sex or penetrating the perpetrator?s body)
    • Fondling or unwanted touching.
  • Perpetrators of sexual assault can employ many forms of force, including (but not limited to):
    • Physical pressure
    • Emotional coercion
    • Psychological force
    • Manipulation
    • Threats
    • Intimidation tactics
  • The majority of perpetrators of sexual assault are persons who are known to their victims
  • Rape can occur between strangers (known as ?stranger rape?) or between individuals who know each other (known as ?acquaintance rape?)
  • It is vital to remember that the victim is never to blame for the actions of the perpetrator


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