These past two years have been a challenge for everyone, and we have experienced those challenges alongside our communities. Grants, giving, and fundraising have been greatly impacted and The Ion Center was not immune to the cuts in funding and the effects. Despite everyone’s best efforts, we are feeling the financial toll, but we are determined to not let it impact our services or the essential frontline staff that provide them.

The need for safety, education, and support has only increased due to the pandemic. We are proud that we were able to keep our shelters open and operational, maintain our 24-hour hotline, add a text line, and continue providing counseling and other services using telehealth options and new technologies. We were also able to continue growing our prevention services in our communities and schools.

We are asking you to think of us on this Giving Tuesday. Your gift will help us lessen the financial impact we have experienced and help us continue to help create a path forward for those impacted by power-based personal violence while working to prevent acts of violence throughout our region. At The Ion Center, we believe that brighter days are ahead. Thank you for helping us spark change!

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