We have partnered with Horizon Community Funds to create a new endowment fund 

At The Ion Center, we continue to work toward our vision of a day where power-based personal violence does not exist. Many days that vision seems possible, and evidence shows us we are making solid progress with our Green Dot violence prevention strategy. Other days it can admittedly feel daunting and unattainable. After all, the rate of people who have experienced power-based personal violence in Kentucky is 45.6% – nearly twice that of the national average. Our shelters remain full, our phones continue to ring, and our pet protection program stays at capacity.

But we also know that Kentucky is the home of Maysville, the nation’s first official Green Dot City. Covington is soon to follow.  We know that individuals across our region care about preventing violence. We know how to prevent violence from happening or from getting worse. Ion Center is leading the way in the state and nation by helping people become active bystanders and incorporate moments of prevention in their daily lives.

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that we are better together, and we are thrilled that we have found a new way for our supporters and partners to join us in our efforts to prevent violence and keep people safe. The Ion Center for Violence Prevention has partnered with Horizon Community Funds to create a new endowment fund supporting our work to care for individuals impacted by power-based violence and further our critical prevention work.

The Endow Kentucky Tax Credit Program offers you a unique opportunity to receive a state tax credit toward your Kentucky Income Tax (individual, corporate, or limited liability) after contributing to permanent endowment funds at Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky.

Kentucky residents are eligible to receive up to a 20% income tax credit (not to exceed $10,000 per individual/entity or $20,000 per married couple filing jointly) per taxable year. A new allotment of tax credits is available on July 1 each year. There are only $1 million of tax credits available for the entire state of Kentucky, so act fast! See below for step-by-step instructions, and learn more about leveraging your endow Kentucky tax credit at horizonfunds.org/2022-endow-kentucky.

This unique way to give provides a building block on which nonprofits like us can continue expanding services in Northern Kentucky. Thank you for helping us prevent violence and keep our communities safe.

To receive your tax credit:

1) Fill out the Preliminary Authorization of the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit Application, which can be found by clicking here.

2) Submit via email to Horizon Fund’s Nancy Grayson (ngrayson@horizonfunds.org) who will submit all applications as a courtesy to ensure their timely receipt by the Kentucky Department of Revenue.  Keep a copy for your records

3) Within 30 days of receiving the approval letter from the Kentucky Department of Revenue, you must make the contribution to an endowment fund. (Click the Donate button at horizonfunds.org, select your amount, and select Ion Center for Violence Prevention under the organization dropdown.)

4) Within 10 days of making the gift, Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky will send proof of the gift to the Kentucky Department of Revenue by filing the Notice of Endow Kentucky Tax Credit and Certification form. The Department of Revenue will then review the provided proof and issue a letter of final approval to you as the donor.

Read more at horizonfunds.org/2022-endow-kentucky

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