Employee Appreciation Disco Party

It started as a painting, a mantra, and a silly play on words.

One of our talented staff members painted a disco ball on her own time with the phrase “it’s above me now.” This simple saying was a personal reminder to try and let go of the things we can’t control. Stresses, anxieties, worries…they are above me now, much like a disco ball hanging and reflecting light over our heads. The phrase represented the need to let those stresses and anxieties go. When something is worrying us, the painting was a personal reminder that “I can’t control this, I need to let this go.” Eventually the ideas merged and “Let Disco” was born.

The past few years have been an immense challenge for us in a large variety of ways. As a staff, we typically try to take a day each year to have a holiday party in the winter months and celebrate each other and the work we get to do. Like so many things these days, our holiday party had to be cancelled last year.

We finally got to schedule a makeup date, and we celebrated with a disco theme. Not only was the music great, but it was an important reminder to let go of the things that bog us down whenever we can.

We gathered in our Croxton Courtyard where CEO Christy Burch gave a brief State of the Agency address to kick off the party. From there we danced, ate, played games, and solved puzzles. The day wrapped with some awards and appreciation in the conference room. What a wonderful few hours spent on a Friday afternoon to remember what a great team we have here The Ion Center.

2022: The year to let disco.

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